What You Can Do Today to Prepare Your Business for Potential Impacts of the Coronavirus

Construction during Pandemic

As outlined on Procore’s blog , construction workers are and will be impacted by the crisis just like many other industries. We are going to change how we work. See their update:

(Source: Procore, Inc.)


Construction businesses are people businesses, so they are more susceptible to negative effects from factors related to their employees. Massive illnesses across the workforce could bring projects to a screeching halt. 

As with any public health threat, knowledge is power and is your most potent defense. 

As with any public health threat, knowledge is power and is your most potent defense. An informed workforce helps control speculation and anxiety. It also helps people confront unknowns with less panic. Help people understand what the virus is and what its symptoms are. 

By regularly reminding people not to go into work when they are ill, you can help prevent the spread of viruses. OSHA features a page with links to relevant information on the virus that you can use when planning your employee communications. The AGC’s safety and health site recently added a page dedicated to the coronavirus with helpful links for employers. Numerous construction companies are now including information about the coronavirus and prevention practices in their safety briefings.

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