Portable charger onboards the 2021 Ford F150

Ford’s 2021 edition of their F150 is having a very handy new feature for technicians on the road. As reported by TheDrive, our next truck will be a generator itself. This is brilliant, we love it!

Ford’s Pro Power Onboard system is everything we needed to haul track toys, like, yesterday. Instead of having to bring a separate generator to power the lights and power tools you’ll want to use when said track car inevitably breaks, your truck is the generator.

In addition to interior power outlets, the Pro Power Onboard system includes up to four 120-volt, 20-amp outlets in the bed. Conventionally powered Fords get a 2.0-kilowatt output, whereas the hybrid drivetrain ups that figure to 2.4-kilowatts or an optional 7.2 kilowatt-system. With the 7.2-kilowatt system, you can also get a 240-volt, 30-amp outlet to use for even bigger tools.

Check this out, some graphics Ford published to explain the deal:

Well done, Ford!

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