About Us

Welcome to the Homesteady era

Homesteady is a general contracting company working with retail and corporate businesses. Our name draws inspiration from the American homesteading tradition when the promise of a new start was driven by the possibilities of building and improving for the future. We believe the spirit of homesteading still thrives in all of us and we are privileged everyday to help customers realize the full potential of their office, retail or business space.

Whether serving a team wanting a more comfortable office, or a business wanting an upgrade to grow sales, we align our values with those before us who rolled up their sleeves to build our communities nail by nail.
Homesteady was born out of these can-do ideals, yet we are committed to modern ways in which customer service philosophies and technology can enhance the property improvement experience. While we brought together a best-in-class team of designers, planners, builders, technicians and specialists for any sized project, we also developed a proprietary technology that quickly turns your improvement ideas into service delivery.

Homesteady Solutions is a commercial and business general contracting company for projects of all sizes and types. By bringing together best-in-class employees, broad technology know-how, and fanatical customer service, it is our mission to deliver a premium property improvement experience to office, commercial, retail and industrial customers.
Homesteady is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, with employee service teams making business’ and facility managers’ improvement ideas a reality in your community. We now service Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Orange counties as well as many parts of Southern California.


– Our mission – 

Imagine it the way you want. We wear a secondary skin in the form of the place we’re at in the moment. Whether it be for business, for pleasure, for protection or for comfort, we experience a feeling when we’re in a space. Homesteady assures that the space we augment or create anew, will serve to convey a feeling for the customer or a feeling the customer wants for others. A shelf, a fresh coat of paint, a new bathroom, a store redesign, fixed infrastructure…

Our mission is to actualize the needs, wants and dreams for the space in which people live and work.

The proof being in the pudding, see Projects our Team completed for happy Customers.