Our Story

Homesteady was founded with a simple mission in mind: simplify construction projects. With a business approach. With the support of technology. 

Fabien, our founder, is a serial entrepreneur and a former corporate senior executive. With over 20 years of management, he founded Homesteady leveraging his experience and deep understanding of business intricacies. He is a business owner and has been a senior executive.

Homesteady’s approach is to challenge very traditional and tech-adverse project-based workflows by defining strategies and rolling out methodologies to solve customer problems and maximize customers expenses.

Since we incorporated, a team of talented business and construction experts joined us. We hired a reliable field team. We believe in our mission. We strive in developing a positive work environment for our employees. 

With a constant and fanatical quest for customer satisfaction, our team understands the struggles building owners, investors or facilities managers face every day. We understand what it takes to deliver a construction project and exceed expectations. Whether you manage a manufacturing plant. Whether you own a restaurant. Whether you are a construction expert or not.

Today, our growth and customer ratings prove our commitment and the value customers get from Homesteady. We work for business-minded customers. We are a business-minded contractor.

Oh, and yes, we know a thing or two about drywall, framing, or painting…