Homesteady offers retailers and storefront businesses in Ventura and Los Angeles County a series of construction and maintenance services. Our projects can begin with small improvements and remodels ranging from building out your entire business. We have been hired by a wide variety of shopping centers, convenience stores, restaurants, grocery stores, and more.

From your day-to-day maintenance to planned upgrades or downgrades, we are a one-stop shop which can assist you with:

No matter the service we are providing whether it’s sound proofing, flooring, or painting, our goal is to always fit the satisfaction of the customer. Every project that we take on is a different one. To us, adding a specific style and vibe to your business is something that we take into consideration. We pride ourselves on our dedication and commitment to satisfy our customers. Our goal is to provide an accurate and reasonable price that fits our services and the customer’s budget.

Since its inception, Homesteady has had the opportunity to work with nationwide, statewide, and individually owned retail businesses (see here). We believe that because of our experience with the different brands, we have the ability to create the best atmosphere for your staff and your customers.

When taking on different projects whether it be from scratch or a remodel, leadership and teamwork are essential qualities. We understand that by hiring us, you are putting your trust in us in order for your business to overachieve. After we have completed the ideal look for your brand, we can guarantee that it will be recognizable and fitting.

Homesteady Solutions fully understands the California safety regulations. We will add to this knowledge with our professionalism, teamwork, and dedication to open your place of business quickly, and according to budget.