Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Revised: July 22th, 2021

Welcome to Homesteady!

Depending on your service request, and as outlined in your estimate, you are retaining Homesteady Solutions, Inc. for one of the following services.

The OWNER (you) and the CONTRACTOR  (Homesteady Solutions, Inc.) agree as set forth below. The Contract Documents, which constitute the entire Contract between OWNER and CONTRACTOR for the labor, services, materials and equipment described in enclosed files below specifica­lly include this Contract, any other documents set forth in Exhibit A attached hereto, and all Modifications issued after execution of the Contract. These form the Contract, and all are as fully part of the Contract as if attached to the Contract or repeated herein.  If anything in the Contract Documents is inconsistent with the Contract, the terms of the Contract shall govern. The Contract is entered into as of the date listed on your estimate. By approving the estimate, OWNER acknowledges that he or she has read all the documents referenced in or attached to his or her Contract.

Fixed Bid Commercial Services Contract (rev. July 2021)
Preconstruction Services Contract (rev. July 2021)
Pressure Washing Contract (rev. May 2018)